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Imagine a rigourously built strategy that gets you into white space, an A-Player team working cohesively, a business purpose-built around serving your tightly defined core customer and persistently outstanding execution.

Coaches that have walked the road. Founded and grown to scale, managed funding rounds and built outstanding teams. Values driven and serving you.

Powered by Metronomics and the world’s business thought leaders.

Balance. Grow. Fund.

Balance Your Life. Grow Your Business. Find investors or Build to a Sale.

We help you balance your life by aligning your business with your personal goals. We work with you to plan, systemize and scale your business, increasing its’ value and freeing up your time. We then prepare you raise capital or sell your business, and achieve the prosperity you have earned.

We Are A Purpose Driven Company Helping Entrepreneurs Grow & Scale

What’s Holding Your Business Back?

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  • Is it not having time to do it all, and do it well?

  • Getting the team to work well on what really matters?

  • Balancing short and long-term goals?

  • Finding and attracting the right customers?
  • Cashflow or the need to inject more capital into the business

Work with our team of experienced subject matter experts to identify your key issues and put a plan in place to not only overcome your short-term obstacles but plan for future growth, scale, and increased company value.

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How We Support You

Here’s how we support our clients

  • Initial complimentary diagnostic meeting to determine where your business is at, your business blockages, core strengths, personal and business goals

  • We work with you to put in place a strategy plan that delivers for you as the entrepreneur and the business as a whole

  • Systems review using SYSTEMology® to determine how systemized your company is, and a plan for you to be able to pull yourself out of the day-to-day and concentrate on your strengths by systemizing the business

  • Monthly advisory board meetings, including specialist experts, maintain accountability, keep the business on track and to coach you personally

  • Access to our global network and planning tools that help you arrive at your purpose, values, strategic priorities, team culture and consistent customer service

  • Initial appraisal using ValueMax of your pathway to future capital raising or business sale



It starts with confirming your personal goals and purpose, and using this to craft all that you do. Your business goals support your personal goals and feed straight into the strategy plan – creating great alignment between you and your business.

Scale Your Business


Great plans often fail owing to lack of accountability and execution. We’ll work with you on drving accountability through your busienss, putting the right people in the right seats, building a consistent success based culture.


Systemize Support

We implement the world leading SYSTEMology® platform. Strong systems enable you to focus on what you do best, free up your time and get the business running more dependably. Company value actually increases, and its also a big part of being ready for investors of prospective buyers.

Funding & Exit Planning

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Build towards higher valuations and greater returns. You may be looking to sell the business or raise funds for further growth. We help you prepare and plan for debt or equity funding, including reverse due diligence. We are a ValueMax Certified Advisor.

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Free Resources

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    YBS Introduction

    The Your Business Success Program guides business owners from initial business planning through execution, growth and scaling, to either sell their business or raise funds for further growth.

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    Exit & Succession Planning

    The ValueMax exit planning methodology guides business owners to build a more attractive business, that is ready for sale. It also prepares them for the personal aspects of business exit – both pre- and post-transaction.

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    Personal Resilience

    Personal resilience through challenging business times is of more importance than ever. Our guide, prepared by MAUS Business Systems in conjunction with the University of Tasmania, is designed to help business owners.


David Keir

Our Founder

I am an entrepreneur that has built companies from the ground up and faced daunting obstacles to growth, but persisted to success and exit. I know what its like to be pushing as hard as you can, but then also see things improve with the right advice. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs build great companies and personal prosperity for themselves and their families.

We will work with you to reaffirm your personal and business goals and purpose, to become more effective and focused on what you do everyday, and to systemize and scale your company.

I look forward to working with you and achieving more than what you may realize is possible.

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