You came with a vision of building a multi-brand platform for bringing international F&B concepts into the hot China market. You began with building a strong – and large (50+) – team, bringing on some of the top personalities and minds to support the endeavor. Your belief in the vision allowed you to “go big” finding and hiring the headcount needed for the medium term. Thinking ahead, not only reigning in expenses.

At the same time, you allowed many of us to participate in forming a values-based corporate culture to allow us to thrive, understanding that we had to embody that and exude those values. Finally, you succeeded by building relationships among all key stakeholders, international and local. Those included investors, government officials, property developers, brand owners and of course, employees.

Subway and Domino’s each thrived under your leadership. The platform vision has allowed both to continue to grow and continue, even after your departure as Vice-Chairman. Thank you for your
encouragement and support always.