Our Background

Business Coaching

Our mission is to assist our clients grow and scale amazing companies that create personal success and wealth for them and their families. We help align their people, values and strategies with their purpose and best practice management – delivering more authentic and rewarding work environments for team members; better products for customers; greater shareholder value; and more sustainable environmental outcomes.

Entrepreneur Purpose was founded by successful entrepreneur David Keir to help business owners align their personal and business objectives, systemize and scale their business, building to either sell at a great valuation or seek investment for acquisitions and further growth.

We work with entrepreneur to get clarity on their personal objectives and ensure that their business goals work to achieve their personal goals, be it to:

  • Simply be able to step away from the business and have more free time.

  • To reach a remarkable Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), which might be global market leadership or category leadership in their segment.
  • Get your business sale ready, even if you don’t plan on selling for some time.

  • Prepare for an acquisition that will further power your growth, including working with you to raise funds required and complete the acquisition.


We use the Metronomics Growth System, with contributions from the best business thinkers globally, to coach our clients to success.

We work with business owners to identify what it is that really sets their business apart and how that creates a competitive edge in the market-place. Building on your core competencies and taking advantage of market trends is the shortest route to success.

Integrity, authenticity and working to improve stakeholder returns are central to our approach and who we are. In this respect building transparency, accountability and measurability into our client solutions aligns with our own core
values and our clients’ best interests.

What is Entrepreneur Purpose?

Purpose is the Why of what they are doing.

Yes, everyone is in business to make money, that’s a given. It’s exciting and it keeps us alive. Business does not exist without profit. But – business leaders, teams and customers have found that profit for its own sake is not enough own.

Finding your real Why – what it is that gives you passion to do, what you love to do and believe in – is your personal Why. Knowing your personal Why gives you the drive, resilience and inspiration to get through all the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey and build a great company.

Great founders are driven and sustained by their Why. Entrepreneurs that lose touch with this burn out, can become flat and overwhelmed. Overcome by the workload and stress, they can lose focus.

Entrepreneurs that know their Why will (ironically) make more money and enjoy the journey along the way.
Entrepreneurial companies are increasingly seeing the benefit of adopting a clear corporate purpose as a point of
difference. It makes it easier to hire and retain great staff, and attracts customers. Numerous studies show that
companies with a clear purpose have better returns over time.

Entrepreneurial Companies with Purpose

Our Purpose

To help entrepreneurs find their purpose and use the best tools to improve, inspire and succeed.

Our Values


We act in accordance with our values, lead by example and deliver on what we say we will do.


We dare to challenge ways of thinking and doing, back our values when under challenge and transparently communicate with our clients, colleagues and partners.


We are committed to providing the best outcomes for our teams, customers and partners.


Our empathy allows us to better understand our customers, colleagues and partners, and to reach more inclusive and effective decisions.


We value our people above all else. Our teamwork powers outstanding service to our clients, the growth of the company, in turn attracting further opportunity.