The most successful businesses are those that are able to define their purpose, vision and success factors and then build systems to automate and drive the business forward. We are a member of the MAUS Business Systems global network, and our proven Your Business Success starts with your personal purpose and goals, and build a business to serve these with best practices in systemization, people management, marketing and financial management. This positions you with a more valuable company to continue to grow or sell.

Business Coaching

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It starts with confirming your personal goals and purpose, and using this to craft all that you do. Your business goals support your personal goals and feed straight into the strategy plan – creating great alignment between you and your business. We’ll work with you to plan and refine your personal goals. What work and lifestyle balance do you want and how long do you plan on working before retirement or selling the business?

Strategy Plan

Using our proven tools, develop a best practics strategy plan that captures the best of your business and takes it to your customers. Grow profits and scale the business. Build a great team and operate with strong systems. Consider new growth options and surprise yourself at what is possible.

Exit Plan

When do you plan to step aside and what will the business be worth? How best to get there? The best exit plan starts several years before you plan to sell the business, and deliver great valuations and smooth transactions.

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Great plans often fail owing to lack of accountability and execution. We’ll work with you on drving accountability through your busienss, working across the key ares of systems, people, marketing and cash.

Getting the right poeple in the right seats, along with systemizing key processes across the business can take your business to the next level.

This may include an advisory board that meets monthly with the CEO and senior managers, with a well developed balanced scorecard working to tight 90 day cycles, and subject area experts from our network coming in to assist with various growth stages.

Fund or Exit

Whether you seek to sell your business or raise funds for an acquisition or growth, our proven tools assist our clients build towards higher valuations and greater returns. We help you prepare for this major event wtih the right plan preparation, including reverse due diligence and blind market testing.