Why Metronomics?

Metronomics is a prescriptive, practical, and proven system that can be used for any kind of company looking to achieve growth. It’s the first framework that ties together all aspects of a business including people, cash, strategy, and execution. Metronomics provides the “how” to exceptional business growth, with a timeline.

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Business Coaching

There are numerous business growth systems available. There are more business writers such as Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, Michael Porter, Brene Brown, Steven Covey and others. They have written about strategy, execution, culture, cash management and building a great team.

Metronomics is unique in that it brings all of this together into a cohesive repeatable framework to scale and growth

The Six Systems

Metronomics is built around seven systems – 3 hard systems (strategy, execution and cash), 3 soft systems (cultural, cohesive and human) as well as a seventh coach cascade system.

These areas cover all aspects of the business and are revisited on a regular daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The repeatability and comprehensiveness is what gives Metronomics its power.

No more playing whack-a-mole fighting HR this week, cash next week.

cultural system

Cultural System

The Cultural System establishes a shared culture among team members, which reinforces their belief in your organization’s core purpose, behavioral values, and 10- to 30-year goal.

cohesive system

Cohesive System

The Cohesive System is about building trust in your team.  It is closely intertwined with the Cultural System and ensures that team trust continuously improves as they work towards becoming a high performing team.

human system

Human System

The Human system provides a consistent and repeatable process to support every team member, throughout the organisation, who want to be coached and given the opportunity to grow.

strategy system

Strategy System

The Strategy System keeps your organization in a unique and valuable position, making sure its set of differentiating activities remain relevant and appealing to your Core Customer.

execution system

Execution System

The Execution System guarantees the presence of a well-defined plan with specific, clear priorities that leaders take ownership of and measure for the company’s success.

cash system

Cash System

The Cash System ensures you have a system for long-term cash forecasting and a realistic plan to generate cash.

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Coach Cascade System

The Coach Cascade grows all leaders into coaches themselves, and their teams into high-performing teams. It takes the leaders and the teams behaviours to the next level of performance, by going to the next level of cohesiveness and vulnerability.

The Best Management Thinkers

The Metronomics framework builds on the work of the world’s leading business thinkers and is flexible and robust enough to easily allow new thinkers to be built into it.

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